Saturday, September 28, 2013

Playlist - September 26, 2013

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"Aloha Kaua`i" brings you the music of Hawai`i -- from yesterday, today, and tomorrow -- culling from my personal library of hundreds of vinyl albums, audio cassettes and CDs.

These broadcasts are "live" every Thursday and Friday 7-9am (HST) on Kaua`i, at 90.9FM (north shore), 92.7FM (Moloa`a and Anahola), 91.9FM island-wide. "Aloha Kaua`i" also streams live online. Have a request? Or a question about a song or artist? Give me a call when I'm on-air -- 826-7771 on Kaua`i, or toll free 866-275-1112.

Click on highlighted song titles for details and free sound clips of new releases. For your CD purchases, please visit MELE.COM.

Aloha Kauai by Kuuipo Kumukahi -- SO SWEET
Aloha Kahoolawe by Puamana -- HAVE A SMILE (vinyl)
Beauty Ao Molokai by Kuana Torres Kahele -- KAHELE (NEW RELEASE)
Green Rose Hula by Peter Medeiros -- KOOLAU
Hanohano Hawaii by Mike Young -- ISLAND BOY (NEW RELEASE)
Hanohano Wale No Na Cowboy by Sunday Manoa -- MEET PALANI VAUGHAN & THE SUNDAY MANOA
Ipo Lauae by Kaimana -- NA PUA O OAHU (vinyl)
Ka Pua Ano Lani by Na Palapalai -- HAA
Kai Hanupanupa by The Emerson Brothers -- HOME GROWN III (vinyl)
Kamalani O Keaukaha by Mike Young -- ISLAND BOY (NEW RELEASE)
Kaulana O Hilo Hanakahi by Marlene Sai -- MAGIC MOODS OF WAIKIKI (vinyl)
Keawaiki by Norman DeCosta -- POHAI NA MELE (NEW RELEASE)
Kimo Hula by Mahi Beamer -- HAWAII'S MAHI BEAMER
Lae La Lae Lae by Genoa Keawe -- BY REQUEST
Ma Anei Mai Oe by Myrtle K. Hilo -- THE SINGING CAB DRIVER
Malama Mau Hawaii by Waipuna -- MANAO PILI
Moe Uhane / Hoomalu Slack by Stephen Inglis -- SOUL SOUND SLACK (NEW RELEASE)
Nani Kauai by Mike Young -- ISLAND BOY (NEW RELEASE)
Nani O Kauai by Mike Young -- IN THE ISLANDS
No Keaha No Oe by Elias Kauhane -- KAUHANE (NEW RELEASE)
O Waipa Ke Malama Mau Ai by Amy Hanaialii -- GENERATION HAWAII
Paliakamoa by Melveen Leed -- WITH THE BEST OF SLACK KEY
Palolo by Kalima Brothers -- HAWAIIAN MASTERS COLLECTION: VOL 2
Pauoa Liko Ka Lehua by Mike Young -- ISLAND BOY (NEW RELEASE)
Poliahu I Ke Kapu by Hawane Rios -- (iTunes single download)
Slack Key Number 1 by Stephen Inglis -- SOUL SOUND SLACK (NEW RELEASE)
Ulili E by Peter Medeiros -- KOOLAU